Work with me - Tony Blackwell Photography

Photography is a means to capture a moment in time, a moment that would otherwise be lost. My passion is to capture those moments to keep and share whether it be a moment of a special place or time or a moment with someone special or perhaps of someone special. Come with me as I capture and share those moments with you.

I also have a passion for being outdoors and regularly go hiking. I carry my camera gear in my backpack and that has allowed me to capture some of the images that are on display on this site. Nothing so peaceful as being out in the wild with nature.

Recently I have fell in love (again) with analog photography (film).  I will be photographing and publishing film photography in a separate window (link) on my website. Photos will be shot on 35 mm as well as medium format film (also known as 120) Some of the cameras I will be using are older than I am but are fully operational. I am looking forward to this revival of a once dying but strongly returning type of photography. I can't wait to shoot portraits with the medium format cameras.

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